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Captain Claw Download 

In 1997 when gaming industry is growing, Captain Claw come into existence. This game is very ahead of it’s time, It is hard. People struggle to complete it’s levels and bosses. People’s love is not fade not this game till now. Most of my friends ask me link for this game, tell me they want this game, It is favorite memory from childhood. If you want to read about captain claw that read till end and if you want to download this game go to bottom of this page. 

Captain Claw Story and Description

before free download captain claw first you must have to know brief about this games story

Loved by many…feared by all. Captain Claw, surveyor of the 7 seas, is perhaps the greatest pirate ever to grace the Animalian Lore Realms. His courage? Legendary. His followers? Loyal to the death. His claws? Well, let’s just say that more than a few sailors have permanent reminders of their razor-sharp tips.

Several years ago a proclamation, signed by the King, was issued to the realm. This proclamation read:

For numerous crimes against the Realm, and for the repeated destruction and theft of the property of the Cocker Spaniard Kingdom, and for a complete and utter disregard for the authority of the Crown, a bounty in the amount of 1,000,000 gold pieces is hereby issued for the capture, dead or alive, of Captain Nathaniel J. Claw, dreaded pirate, enemy of the Realm, and known scallywag.

Because of this proclamation, every bounty hunter and magistrate in the Realm has sought to capture the elusive Captain Claw. Many have tried to capture this infamous pirate, but none have succeeded—until now. Claw’s ship is overtaken on the high-seas by Captain Le Rauxe, a high-ranking officer in the King’s service and a pompous and unscrupulous dog. Subsequently, Claw’s ship is scuttled, and Claw and his crew are captured and taken to La Roca, a prison run by the Cocker Spaniards. While imprisoned Claw discovers a letter written by Edward Tobin, a former prisoner executed for crimes against the Crown.

Tobin’s letter tells of the existence of the Amulet of Nine Lives—a mystical amulet that, according to myth, provides the wearer with near immortality. With his strength and hope renewed by the promise of adventure, Claw breaks out of his prison cell and begins a quest to reclaim his crew and locate the remaining gems for the Amulet of Nine Lives. With a million “golden” reasons to separate Claw from his head, every servant of the Realm will be out to stop Claw from completing his quest. If he fights skillfully, Claw may avoid death and uncover the remaining gems for the Amulet of Nine Lives. With enough luck, ultimately Claw may complete his quest and reassemble the powerful Amulet of Nine Lives.

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Claw, also known as Captain Claw, is a cartoon-style 2D side-scrolling platformer created by Monolith Productions and released in 1997. You are the pirate Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw, the Surveyor of the Seven Seas (which is a cat), and you have been imprisoned by the Spaniards (the “evil” dogs). In the game you will have to escape the prison and find the Amulet of Nine Lives.

You will have to explore and complete all the levels, fighting enemies using punches and the several weapons available, collecting power-ups and avoiding hazards. Scenarios include indoor and outdoor areas like city streets, forests, a large ship, underwater and more, all of them drawn with hi-quality cartoon graphics.

The game is know for its high difficulty, but it’s also one of the best platformer ever created for the PC.

This version includes the fan-made CrazyHook patch v1.4.3 and should be fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10.


captain claw download - games world


Game Play of captain claw

Captain Claw is a 2-D sidescrolling platformer, with simple melee combat. The objective for Claw is to reach the end of each level, fighting through various enemies and obstacles along the way. Claw’s main weapon is his sword, though he can also punch or kick when close enough to an enemy. Claw also has a pistol, dynamite and a spell called “Magic Claw.” These items are limited-use, and the player can refill these by collecting spare bullets, dynamite sticks and magic in levels.

Also scattered throughout levels are health items, power-ups, and treasure, the last of which awards points. Many hidden or more treacherous areas contain high-value loot, power-ups and bonus lives. Some of these areas are only accessible with a high jump from a power-up, while others are only accessible through portals. Bonus lives are also awarded for reaching certain milestones in total points. In single player, each level has two save points in addition to the game saving at each level’s completion.

Captain Claw has three types of gameplay modes: single player, custom levels, and multiplayer. The single player mode contains the main storyline.

At the end of each level the player will either collect a piece of the map or defeat a boss to receive a gem from the Amulet; odd-numbered levels have map pieces, while even-numbered levels have boss fights and gems. The exception is level 13, which has a boss fight and rewards the player with two gems. Receiving gems also triggers a cutscene.

The custom level loader allows the player to run custom content made by the player or others, but does not provide a method for editing levels in-game. The multiplayer mode allows the player to connect to the Internet and play with up to 64 other people. In the multiplayer mode, the player has to kill as many enemies as possible and gain loot for points to rank up. It also allows for players to race each other to finish a level as quickly as possible.

Captain Claw plot

A famous cat pirate, Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw, is imprisoned by the Cocker-Spaniards (a dog species, a pun on Cocker Spaniel) after they attack and sink his ship. In the prison cell, waiting for his execution, he finds a note and a piece of a map hidden in the wall. The note tells of the Amulet of Nine Lives—a mystical artifact that grants its wearer near-immortality. Breaking out of his cell, Claw sets out to collect all 9 gems of the amulet and retrieve it for himself.

The game begins with Claw outside his cell. As he progresses through the prison, he eventually gets to the outer wall and escapes to the forest after defeating the warden, Le Rauxe. In the forest, he encounters a gang of thieves, headed by his former love interest, Katherine. He manages to defeat them and finds his way out of the forest, and into the nearby port town of El Puerto del Lobo, where he is hunted down by the magistrate, Wolvington, and the city guards.

After running through the city, escaping the guards, and defeating Wolvington himself, the Captain stumbles into a bar and overhears a conversation between two of the crew of Captain Red Tail, a lion who is Claw’s arch enemy. He learns that Red Tail is looking for the gems of the amulet as well, and that Red Tail’s first mate, Gabriel, has one of them in his possession. He also hears that Red Tail might have more himself.

Claw quickly makes his way through the port and jumps on Red Tail’s ship, where he defeats the seamen (Gabriel among them) and hides in the ship until it sets port near the Pirate’s Cove. Captain Claw goes through the rickety wooden structures of the pirate cove, defeating the pirates and their leader, Marrow, Claw’s former friend. Claw descends into the caves, where he discovers his old crew, presumed dead after the attack on his ship.

The crew informs Claw that they were given three gems by a merchant in the tavern, but were forced to give two of them to Red Tail; they managed to keep the third as Red Tail believed there were only two in their possession. The crew then reveals that Red Tail has set sail for Tiger Island, a legendary place most doubted even existed, including Claw. Claw takes the crew’s gem as well as a piece of the map, which shows a path to Tiger Island through the labyrinth of underwater caverns. The crew offers to accompany him through the caves to Tiger Island, but Claw insists on going alone, telling his crew to acquire a ship and meet him there.

The Captain takes the shortcut through the caverns, where he fights through a race of merpeople, who fight him in order to defend their king: a giant frog-like creature called Aquatis. The Claw manages to defeat Aquatis with explosives.

Captain Claw resurfaces to face Red Tail and his crew on Tiger Island. Claw manages to bring Red Tail down and acquire the final two gems, yet Red Tail escapes. Claw enters the Tiger Temple at the heart of the island to claim the amulet. There he fights the highly trained tiger guards, avoids the many death traps in the lava-filled temple, and defeats Omar, the captain of the tiger guard, who holds the final gem.

Claw places the gems on a pedestal. They rearrange themselves and the ghost of a princess comes and gives him the amulet, granting him 9 lives, after summarizing his adventure. Omar is sworn to defend to the holder of the Amulet, thus becoming Claw’s bodyguard. The final scene shows him leaving on his ship with the amulet, Omar, and his crew.

Captain Claw basics

The game is a left-to-right side-scroller. You navigate the titular character, Claw, through a series of tricky levels, fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and collecting treasure and powerups. The object of the game is to obtain the amulet of nine lives, as well as nine gems for it. Gems can be obtained by fighting bosses, and you will also need map pieces to find the location of additional levels. The game contains 14 single player levels, which can also be used for multiplayer. There is a level editor available. Feel free to download the demo, or view the next section on how to acquire the game.

Captain Claw Cheats

Enter these cheats while playing. Note that your game will not save if you use them.

MPCASPER - Invisibility 
MPVADER - Invincibility 
MPPLAYALLDAY - Infinite Lives Mode 
MPBUNZ - Makes Claw Strong 
MPFRANKLIN - Lightning Sword 
MPPENGUIN - Ice Sword 
MPAPPLE - Full Health 
MPGANDOLF - Full Magic 
MPFREAK - Catnip 
MPKFA - God Mode 
MPLOADED - Full Ammo 
MPNOINFO - Show/hide info for above 4 cheats 
MPMOONGOODIES - Bouncing treasure 
MPSPOOKY - Makes Claw invisible to enemies 
MPHAUNTED - Makes Enemies into ghosts 
MPSHADOW - Makes Claw a shadow 
MPSUPERTHROW - Super Throw mode 
MPHOTSTUFF - Fire Sword 
MPWIMPY - Claw is weak 
MPJORDAN - Claw jumps as high as Michael Jordan! 
MPBOTLESS - Toggles the background off/on 
MPMIDLESS - Toggles the middle plane off/on 
MPTOPLESS - Toggles the foreground off/on 
MPINCVID - Increases the Resolution (1280x1024 max)
MPDECVID - Decreases the Resolution (320x200 min)
MPDEFVID - Default Resolution 
MPJAZZY - 320X200 Resolution 
MPBLASTER - Full dynamite            
MPCULTIST - Up enemy strength a lot
MPCHEESESAUCE - Takes you to level 1
MPEXACTLY - Takes you to level 2
MPRACEROHBOY - Takes you to level 3
MPBUDDYWHAT - Takes you to level 4
MPMUGGER - Takes you to level 5
MPGOOFCYCLE - Takes you to level 6
MPROTARYPOWER - Takes you to level 7
MPSHIBSHANK - Takes you to level 8
MPWHYZEDF - Takes you to level 9
MPSUPERHAWK - Takes you to level 10
MPJOBNUMBER - Takes you to level 11
MPLISTENANDLEARN - Takes you to level 12
MPYEAHRIGHT - Takes you to level 13
MPCLAWTEAMRULEZ - Takes you to level 14
MPSCULLY - You finish the level
MPMOULDER - Takes you to the previous level
MPSKINNER - Takes you to the boss of the level (if there is one)        
The next 4 cheats require Claw Version 1.2 or higher:               
MPLONGRANGE - Increase Claw's hit rect for long range attacks
MPBOUNCECOUNT - Displays enemy bounce counter
MPEASYMODE - Easy mode
MPTWINTURBO - Turbo run       
MPSTOPWATCH - Timer on the bottom of the screen 
MPPOS - Shows global position 
MPFPS - Frames per second 
MPOBJECTS - Shows # of objects on screen 
MPLITH - Monolith logos & Music 
MPMONOLITH - Monolith logos & Music 
MPLOGO - Monolith logos & Music 
MPDEVHEADS - Shows developer's heads in place of treasure
MPSCORPIO - Just make some text come up, nothing else happens
MPGOBLE - Just make some text come up, nothing else happens
MPGLOOMY - Everything is black & white, like an old TV
MPNOISE - Plays the next sound effect
MPMAESTRO - Speeds up music
MPLANGSAM - Slows down music
MPNORMALMUSIC - Normal music speed
MPWILDWACKY - Claw will now be moving around upside-down

free download Captain Claw


captain claw download - games world
captain claw download – games world



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