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I am Kartik Rawal creator of this website. I am an engineer, blogger, youtuber, web and app developer.

My vision behind this site is by the fact that there are multiple streamers, multiple gaming channels, gaming news, gaming tutorials or gaming walk-through or some unique games which we cannot get easily etc. so sometime i get stuck of finding gaming stuff. At the end i decide to take a step and create this website. So here i am gonna provide you the best out of the ocean, when you want anything regarding game just come here and you get whole package. You don’t have to follow different channels and websites like one for gameplay, one for news, one for review of games etc, best out of everything is here so enjoy.

Another thing is that if you want anything regarding any game or you have an idea what i can add to this site or anything like you want to contact me, email me on [email protected]

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